We all are a part of a covetous world, where so much happens after every second. The results are clear and immediate, as these changes, alter our lives as well. There is hardly any room to raise your voice and object. But, when you get frustrated and shackled; in your thoughts, you have got no other way but to strive and find the right stage to speak your heart.

Sana loves to read and put her thoughts into words when it comes to writing. After finishing masters in Mass Communication, she had the privilege of working for the first English news channel of Pakistan, Dawnnews. She has also served print media organisations as a sub-editor and freelance writer. Currently, she is contributing as an online author at Global Voices. She hates religious fundoos, hypocrites, rigid mindsets and male chauvinism. And, please don’t mind, she is least bothered, what others say about her…


3 thoughts on “About

  1. So much is happening every day either good or bad but only few dare to speak about the worst. With a heart which feels the pain of others I wish to create some difference with my words.

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