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Sarmad Tariq…You are here to stay


Sarmad Tariq

Dear God, I know you don’t give anyone more than he can take, I know you wouldn’t let me break, you wouldn’t let my belief shake, but if it isn’t too much to ask, I really really need a break…Sarmad Tariq 

Who wouldn’t be delighted, if you ask for something and your wish is granted. There could be nothing more than that. But, when Sarmad Tariq asked for a break as his last wish for sure, he made us all unhappy.

Tattoo of Allah emblazoned on Sarmad Tariq’s neck.

I didn’t know about this man until the news broke about his death on April 30th, 2014. I heard his name for the first time, when I got an email from Sahar Habib Ghazi on behalf of the Global Voices saying Sarmad Tariq, a quadriplegic motivational speaker and a writer is dead and any contributing author from Pakistan must come up with a blog featuring the man. I have been out of blogging these days for some professional reasons. But, I wanted to know what makes this man so great to be able to fit for a blog. And then I did my share of research.

Sarmad Tariq

Screenshot of Sarmad Tariq’s open letter to God…asking for a break.

I visited his facebook page and read his open letter to God asking for a break and some other news articles. My twitter timeline was flooded with tweets where people were sharing condolences and words of appreciation, paying tribute to this man. I gave a dig at his pictures on his facebook page to explore, what was so unusual about this man that everyone is talking about him.


Sarmad Tariq while delivering a motivational lecture.

And then I found a documentary video on Vimeo about Sarmad Tariq in one of the tweets. It was then when I realized that if I didn’t know about this man, it was due to my utter ignorance. I promptly decided that I will write a blog on Sarmad Tariq. I immediately rushed to my inbox to email back to Global Voices…only to found out that Faisal Kapadia has agreed to write a blog on Sarmad. So, I reserve this piece for my personal blog.

Sarmad Tariq from BlackBox Sounds on Vimeo.

I don’t want to go into what happened to Sarmad Tariq and how he was crippled in a tragic incident which left him to face many challenges during his entire life.  I just want to highlight that despite of all the sufferings he had to endure, Sarmad Tariq emerged victorious.

His pictures from the hospital bed, smiling and posing for the camera remind me of someone really important. His courage and fighting spirit is exceptional. I love him for the fact that he was a fighter…and for that reason he will always have a special place in my heart for life.


A smile that says everything…

Dear Sarmad Tariq…I have noticed only faith in you and a tattoo of Allah emblazoned on your neck. I wish, I would have known you way earlier through one of your big achievements.  I wish, I could have known you while you were still breathing. I am still asking myself that how can I miss to be familiar with such an inspirational soul like you. I wish I could have known more about you when you were alive, spreading wisdom through your spirit. You are not here anymore, but I will always look up to you, when I will be down. You will always give me strength and motivation to keep going because I too always myself reasons to never give up.

By the way…did I not tell you that I adore your smile. RIP Sarmad Tariq. You are here to stay.



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