Sana's World

My little thing has grown up…

For My Sis

To me, she is a doll that I just simply adore and cannot share with anyone else. A princess of a fairy tale, she is my friend, my partner-in-crime that landed on my lap one day. Since that day, I have loved her the most. Sometimes I have teased her too and at times I have yelled madly at her during our fights. I believe my little sister is my personal property,

We have spent a life together…studying, playing, singing, fighting and then playing again. I have always tried and wished to be her support-system, someone she can always rely on and trust. I know she is such a delicate soul that I want to put a magic bubble of care around her that could entirely guard her from the mean world outside. I want my little thing to be as pure as she is, untouched and divine because I am always there.

It is my responsibility to care about her. I want to shield her from everything that could hurt her. I want to give her everything she expects from me. For me she is a reason to smile, a reason which is simple and full of life and craziness. But, during all these years I have been with her, I failed to realise that my doll is no more little. My little thing has grown up…


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