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If only I could see tomorrow…


Stairway to heaven I wish

This petite sentence swiftly entices me into a pleasant yet long-awaited feeling of deliverance. It frees me from all the shackles I am tired of, from all the unseen pain I have to endure to paint my future with the colours of my choices.

Yes life would not be the same only if I could see tomorrow. But if I could, I would straight away dump all my plans in a bin which keep pushing me to reach out for something extraordinary. I would stop worrying about my bread only if I could see when would be my dying day. I would stop upsetting my relations only I could see who would be there with me during dark hours. I would stop caring about friends only if I could know who would help me in my needs. I would stop thinking about you only I could know who would be with me tomorrow.

It’s not a wish but a sheer bliss because only If could see tomorrow, I would die the very next jiffy today.


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