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Taliban were forced to kill Malala

No but…Hey listen…we did not want to kill her, seriously. But, it was all her fault that we were left with no other choice because she was not listening to us at all, and was still going to school. And you know what that 14-year-old was actually a spy dude. Man… she could have been such a big threat to all of us that we prefer better to kill her instead of being killed by her, says Mullah Fazlullah.

After the Malala episode, I wonder what kind of treatment children of these very Taliban get from their fanatic parents, who can also give them their-own-created explanations and reasons from their Sharia to kill them, when needed such as, spices in the food today almost killed me daughter and Islam (Taliban’s) cannot tolerate such waywardness that a child attempts to kill her parents and so you, in the name of Taliban-made Islam, should die.

Does that mean the entire focus of the Taliban movement has now changed and shifted from the United States, its allies and the ever continuing and frail war against terror and that they will now be doing some extremist kind of social work? Then they should be handed over a list, full of names of all those target killers who have been involved in killing people every day in Karachi and Quetta. But wait that means they are fully competent of organising and then effectively conducting a massive Jihad in the lanes of Kati Pahari and Quetta and I know they are going to simply love the bloodshed.

All these fundamentalists of their own crafted religion, which they claim is Islam (definitely not) have hijacked the basic rights of living in our tribal areas. Their statement that in reality Malala was encouraging, do-not-know-what “western thinking” by going to school with a bag full of books, makes me laugh. Do they have any idea, how modern and western we already have become ages ago. Whom they are trying fool with such statement? Oh come on, we are as modern, western and secular as any other nation. Did Taliban kill anyone over the controversial and much debated anti-Muslim film, which got such an attention and uproar worldwide? I am trying get someone killed over the issue, but have they? No. But they did try to kill Malala, whose thoughts and wishes were not even an issue. This is what they only can do…assassination of a young girl, which shows their power.

Some of the leading media channels and newspapers should come up with programmes that can teach people what real Sharia is about and what Sharia laws in real Islam speak about education, significantly about educating girls.


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