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Karachi chaos hurting my job

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I am a woman and thanks to the Master’s degree that I have earned in Mass Communication after years of studies, I am also a media professional, a news freak and a current affairs lover. Given that I had worked before for the country’s first ever English news channel – so for that reason not too old in this profession – the situation in Karachi had never been a problem as such on my career. But now after year’s break that I took after I left the channel, the never predictable and deteriorating situation of the city is really taking its toll on me and yes on professional career as well.

When we work in media, we know the pros and consequences of the strange business, may it be any organisation for instance news channels, newspapers, magazines or any other association. We are not the simple we-do-nine-to-five-job type of people. We work in shifts and at times, in fact most of the times in odd shifts. Needless to say, we also love to find ourselves bound in the ‘news first’ agenda and stride to reach our offices even during strikes.

I love this profession but because situation in Karachi is never predictable, I cannot let it go. And the new job that I have been offered!! Uska kia?

My parents are now hesitant to allow me doing even a shift which ends at 9pm. Can you imagine the impact of the harsh reality that is being enforced on us? The mayhem that is sparked every other day in Karachi also has its clear and long-term influences.

Looks like I will have to sacrifice this job for the sake of my parents and in due respect of their concerns towards my safety. May be I will leave another job but for how long I will let the Karachi situation put a damper on my career?

I will not term it an emotional attack on the choice of career from our parents but this is something we call care for which they have their own reasons and the only choice they have been left with. In the present scenario, these days no one will want their children to work during odd-hours but is there anything we can do about it, or will we just have to grin and bear it?


4 thoughts on “Karachi chaos hurting my job

  1. I almost left watching Pakistani News Channels , last time when i watched the news about Karachi a kid who father was killed and he was unaware about the situation and now daily 8 or 12 people death news make me hate and question my being Pakistan and Muslim,i am sad for your job but you are not alone effected with this situation see the hazara community in Quttta , i left my job and even my whole family ,friends and my forefather,s graveyard how painful is it when you leave your memories ,and love where you brought you. Actually today everyone in Pakistan is standing at the brink where his/her/their history, culture,society, and survival is at risk.

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