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Wooden…No way!

A Deco paint bedroom set

Can a deco paint bedroom set, be such a big and an ugly scar to your social ego, that you will humiliate a girl’s family, risking your own son’s soon-to-be-held marriage?

We always regard our mothers, as a person full of instinctual and unconditional love. Her smile blows away your all-day tiredness. I bet that only she would be the last person standing with you, regardless of any circumstances. But, why and when the same mother becomes a mother-in-law and puts an evil veil on her face? And it’s then when she merely becomes ‘the’ mother of a son, a painful character. It’s when, the wedding bells ring.

Will my mother also change, when she would be going through the similar phase of her life? If that’s so going to happen, I wonder what my reaction would be!! And I am sure, this is going to happen. I love and respect every mother for the fact, she is a mother and deserves such treatment, but my recent, not-so-good experiences, have shaken my mind.

The society where we live in, parents of a female child, already under the impression that they have the heavy responsibility of their girl child to be married asap; feel lucky if, her marriage is fixed. My friend Neel’s parents also felt relieved after her date-fix ceremony. Her wedding was after a month with Sami.

Everything was perfect, invitation cards were sent, wedding preparations were at its peak, venues and menus were also decided. Then the mehndi day came, when Neel’s furniture had also to be taken to her would-be new home. She had exclusively chosen wooden bedroom set, from a famous home store, for her wedding. As soon as the bedroom set, reached Sami’s home, his mother called Neel’s and yelled over the phone. She demanded deco paint furniture instead of wooden and that if they couldn’t afford it, they could call the wedding off. Neel’s mother blood went dry. She immediately went to Sami’s home to talk, but the situation there was bizarre.

This could be a minor thing for many of us, but for the parents of a daughter, these are minor heart attacks, strong enough to separate souls from their bodies. We don’t respect emotions of a girl and her parents, but yes, we do care about a silly deco paint bedroom set. This is nothing but pathetic thinking that is associated with our society and the people living in it. You can imagine, what must have been done afterwards? The wedding went smoothly and yes, with the deco paint bedroom set.

I have seen people preaching Islam, wherever they go; giving loud lectures on the wisdom, people in their families showed in the pasts, flicking prayer beads; offering prayers five times a day; and yet, the same people, depicting cheapness, especially during a Pakistani wedding.

Why all the humiliation is for the girl and her family? Why only she and her family are forced to be insulted, even on the happiest occasions like marriage? When people would be able to think beyond their narrow and disgusted minds? And till that happened, a woman would be embarrassing creature, not only for her family, but even for herself.


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