Sana's World

Not from you…not from you!!

I have wasted half of my life, wondering over the shit, that why I always fail to put across, what I really want to? There had been times, when I so badly wanted to literally speak, but I simply couldn’t. Sometimes I felt, they won’t appreciate me, sometimes that there is no point in sharing my music, sometimes because, may be it’s not the right hour and at times, I didn’t really the due guts. But now, I realise that what if couldn’t speak up…my words didn’t kill anyone, nor even made them think that they have been ridiculed. They were not pain for anyone. They didn’t make anyone cry.

Two of the words, I am not hesitant to say, I hate the most. Move on and be happy. I would rather settle on keeping my mouth shut, than giving the world in front of me, the pain that they don’t deserve and without even knowing, what they are going through? Difficult times come to go, like the good ones perish. Just outside your sphere, there are many people, yelling at their lives. But, you can’t be God, blessing everyone with happiness. It comes from the heavenly that is reflected by your destiny. Not by just saying, else, we all would have been happy.

We vow, cherish, suffer and then we vow again. But then we lose hopes and say, move on to be happy. How wrong we are? Happiness is abstract. You don’t know whose life is stuck where and how happy she or he is? Please! Don’t just suggest the already torment ones; because it kills…believe me, others’ lives are not as tuneful as it seems they are. So, you try to do the same and see if the new door towards a happy world can open for you, it surely will. And leave the rest, as aloof and dramaibaz as you now assume they are. Not everyone can have the same courage as you might have. They have small, coward hearts that are not able to convert as per your commands. But, was this expected? Not from you…not from you!! Pray that someone just wake me up and put and end to my sufferings and all this just be a, mere nightmare. Or may be, a stern heart is gifted to me too, as the world around me has, which is impassive, pitiless and dormant.


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