People Around Us

The Dreamer…

Ambreen Allah Yar

She is young, full of life; passionate and educated yet not satisfied. We are a third world nation, where rate of literacy is moving at a low pace as compared to the rising human population and in such a country, Ambreen Allah Yar is struggling to prove her existence.

Ambreen had to say goodbye to her classmates after her tenth grade exams because it was costing a lot to her father, even though she secured top position. Moreover she had also received several scholarships during her schooling. But despite all her achievements she was made to work as a maid.

Ambreen’s family is basically from Multan and by profession her ancestors are farmers. But due to some family reasons they had to migrate to Karachi when Ambreen was only three. We had to start our lives from the beginning in this city. We now live in a joint family in a two-room dwelling, said Ambreen.

Ambreen loves reading. Usually, in a busy day at work, she spent an average of ten hours, working from home to home and area to area. Still, she never misses a single minute to read something worth reading. She loves gardening and decorating her home. I feel happy whenever I sow a new seed in a small pot in my small home, said Ambreen.

Ambreen had the notion that people respect only those who share some sort of position in a society and that can only be achieved through education. When I see learned and cultured people getting respect, it encourages me to reach their caliber. It was and still not easy for a girl like me from a conservative background to study even up to this level. But I am glad that I have been able to manage it, said Ambreen.

Ambreen considers her mother, the real strength of her life. According to Ambreen, she has been the only individual who stood by her, whenever she was forbidden from studying further. I spend a considerable part of my day working, walking and sharing every good and bad thing in my life with her.

Till eighth standard Ambreen’s mother provided her support but once she entered board levels, her educational expenses started burdening her weak shoulders. Then I started taking care of my expenses to an extent by working at different households with my mother, said Ambreen. After completing the school when she wanted to join college, none of Ambreen’s family members encouraged her; even her mother was helpless then. Then she took a decision and started working as a maid on a full–time basis. This gave her father some relief and so she was allowed to study privately.

I was told that work not studies should always be my first priority. So I had to give justice to both of them. Together my mother and I started earning approximately three thousand rupees per month. This was certainly not a satisfactory amount, so I also started teaching children in order to make more money.

Unfortunately, I am the only girl in my family getting education. I was always the top ranked student in my class since second standard. I have hopes that one day I will see myself at some position very soon. I have plans to do a Masters and will apply for a job later. I want to give my mother a reason to be proud of me. I know what ever I am today is because of her. She is old and gets tired soon. I wish one day I could give her an easygoing life, full of happiness. I am very confident that I will be able to give a helping hand to my parents.

Ambreen is amongst millions of girls in our country with such bold and huge dreams. Tearing the so–called sophisticated norms and values of our deceased society she is on her way to achieve the ultimate goal of her life.


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