Sana's World

My secret companion

Have you ever been alone in the darkness of a gloomy dark night, gazing at the grey sky, studded with thousands of glittered diamonds? The moments when you want to cry like a baby and scream loud that no one could even hear you and be able to notice you…when you want to hide yourself in a wooden box or when you wish to run away from your miseries and fears. When you don’t want to show your tears and you start disguising others through vain attempts of putting fake smiles on your face. When you want to speak and defend yourself but you just can’t. When people accuse you and put allegations on you in their courts. Their expectations from you are endless, so they take the leverage from you to dream and fly and then the battle between your brain and heart begins. This battle leaves you nowhere and the path ahead seems, distorted and lifeless. It is then you feel and realise, how uncertain life and its cycle is. It’s changing and changing towards the worst. But then, you just sense the existence of someone…

He watches you and watches carefully so that he can reach you. He could take a hell lot of time, sometimes even years but you have to be tolerant as he is your last hope. He tosses you upside down to get the best out of you. He tests you through your will and then takes a decision.

To me these shoulders are the supreme support I can ever have. I have shared my weaknesses, worries, moments, prides and even embarrassments with him. I don’t express to others…I may be shy or a coward but there is someone, in front of whom, I am an open book. He knows me like no one and I trust him like anything. He listens to me when I nag him and even when I convince him. Yes, he has always listened to me…always. But my confidence breaks at times and I start questioning myself. But then he asks me if he has ever disappointed me and makes me mum. Such has never happened and that is the beauty of my savior…the supreme power.


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